MAE 438/538 Smart Materials

Spring 2005

Lectures Notes


Post Date Content  Download Printable Lecture Notes
12 Jan Notes Magnetorheology
12 Jan Notes Shape memory
12 Jan Notes Electrostrictive behavior
17 Jan Lecture 1 Applications of Materials Printable Notes
20 Jan Lecture 2 Composite Materials Printable Notes
20 Jan Lecture 3 Electrical properties Printable Notes
10 Feb Lecture 4 Intrinsically smart polymer-matrix composites Printable Notes
25 Feb Lecture 5 Intrinsically smart cement-matrix composites Printable Notes
2 Mar Notes Nondestructive Evaluation
2 Mar Lecture 6 Electromagnetic Applications Printable Notes
9 Mar Lecture 7 Nondestructive Evaluation Printable Notes
16 Mar Lecture 8 Magnetic Behavior Printable Notes
4 Apr Lecture 9 Dielectric Behavior Printable Notes
12 Apr Lecture 10 Optical Behavior Printable Notes
20 Apr Lecture 11 Shape Memory Printable Notes
22 Apr Lecture 12 Vibration Damping Printable Notes





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