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MAE 334 - Introduction to Instrumentation and Computers

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Valid Attendence or Late Submission Excuses

The Following are examples of  a VALID Written Excuse:

1. A note from a physician stating illness and inability to perform  school duties
2. A note from the hospital emergency room stating reason time etc.
3. A police accident report with the name of the student specifically stated in the report

While there are too many INVALID excuses to list, here are some of the most popular ones.

For lab attendance

1. I felt ill but did not go to the doctor because I do not have health insurance
2. I felt ill just before the lab this morning, but by noon I felt better so I did not have a reason to go see a physician

For lab reports

4. I had a power failure at home and my lab report that was just about ready got lost.
5. My disk crashed and my two weeks worth lab report work got lost.
6. I have it on this disk but for what ever reason I cannot read the disk.
7. My computer was infected by a virus and I need more time, lost my report, etc.
8. The library was closed and I do not have a computer or access to one.


9. We had a lot of pressure last week at school/work and I did not have time to complete the work.
10. My boss sent me out of town last week.

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