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MAE 334 - Introduction to Instrumentation and Computers

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Lab Handouts

The write-ups for the laboratory will be presented below. As each of the new lab write-ups is revised for this semester, the links below will be made active. The write-ups are Word documents which you should print out yourself before coming to the lab session. When you come to the lab session, it is expected that you understand the experiment to be performed from your reading of the write-up and that you will have reviewed your notes and textbook sections associated with the lab. You should arrive ready to begin work on the lab and not to begin reading the write-up.


Lab #1 Static and Dynamic Calibration of Thermocouples, Lab 1 Title Sheet

Lab #2 Basics of A to D Conversion, Lab 2 Title Sheet

Lab #3 Transient Thermal Behavior with Work and Heat Loss, Lab 3 Title Sheet

Lab #4S Strain Gage Experiences, Lab 4 Title Sheet

Lab #4F Filtering and Dynamic Behavior with a First Order Filter, Lab 4 Title Sheet

Lab #5A Study of Accelerometer Instrumentation, Lab 5 Title Sheet

Lab #5F Studing the Behavior of a Compressed Gas, Lab 5 Title Sheet

Lab Data

During the course of the semester – if there are any experimental difficulties that occur during a lab, we will post data that can be used in your report preparation. Unless data is posted here or specifically provided by your TA, you are expected to use only data that you have gathered in the lab yourself.

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