EE 582Y Power Engineering - I

Welcome to Power Systems Engineering -I

This course provides a review of fundamentals, then delves deeper into selected topics allowing the graduate student to explore more complex aspects in keeping with their experience and interests. Topics covered are three-phase power systems, second-order circuits and analysis, characterization and modeling of power system components, such as transformers and transmission lines with emphasis on non-linearities, and symmetrical components.

This provides the background for study of power flow and system operation with extension to advanced power system components. This course recognizes the rich experience base of the students and encourages cooperative education. Text Book - Power Systems Analysis & Design; Glover & Sarma -Chapters 1-5,7,8.

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Class meetings:Tuesdays, 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Alternate lecture day is Thursday, when needed.
Lecture change: 09 Jan to 11 Jan.; Lecture addition: TBD
Dates:12 December 2006 - 15 February 2006
Instructor:Dr. Douglas C. Hopkins, 214 Bonner Hall
DCHopkins@eng.buffalo.edu, IM: ProfDCHopkins
Office Hours:Wed - Fri: call for appointment - office 716-645-3115, ext 1142
Off campus: Call anytime up to 9:00 PM, 607-729-9949, cell 607-624-1179
Text:Power Systems Analysis and Design, 3rd ed.(with CD)
by Glover and Sarma, ISBN 0534953670
(Available on-line)
Topics:Chpater 1 - Intro, read at leasure
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals (review)
Chapter 3 - Transformers
Chpater 4 - Transmission Line Parameters
Chapter 8 - Symmetrical Components
Chpater 5 - Transmission Line (Steady State)
Chapter 7 - Symetrical Faults (tbd)
We will cover approximately 23+ pages per lecture
and will include extended topics
  Paper Report30%
  Final Exam35%
  Home Work0%, Four(4) or more problems not answered
5%, All problems answered
10%, Three(3) or fewer problems not answered correctly
Maintain HW portfolio, checked randomly and at course end
Submit all HW questions by 5 PM Monday

Please ask quesions: "He who never asks questions, knows either everything or nothing" (unknown)

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