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EE 205: Signal Analysis and Transform Methods

Spring 2014


Instructor: Dr. M. Soumekh

Office: 220 Davis Hall; Office Hours: 5:00-5:50pm Tuesday & Thursday; Email:


Teaching Assistant(Office Hours & Location):

Amir Daneshmand (Fri 10-12 Davis 204),

Borui Chen (Fri, Mon 2-3 Davis 230V),
Paolo Scarponi (Wed 10:30-12:30 Davis 204)

Email: {amirdane, boruiche, paolosca}




l  Announcements:

l  Course Syllabus

l  Exam Schedule

Exam 1:   3/6   
Exam 2:   5/8   

Policy on Cheating: Zero tolerance on cheating; F grade for
cheating in the exam.
The exams are closed book and notes.

l  Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes;   Laplace Transform;  Convolution Theory

l  Homework:

HW#1:   1.1; 1.2a, c; 1.11; 1.13a; 2.1a, b, e, j, l; 2.6  Solution

HW#2:   1.21; 2.1c, d, f  Solution

HW#3:   2.3a, h; 2.4d; 2.10; 3.8; 3.12a  Solution

HW#4:   2.3 I; 2.4a, b; 3.10; 3.12e, h  Solution

HW#5:   4.1a, b, d; 4.6; 4.9a   Solution

HW#6:   4.1e; 4.5i; 4.9d; 4.15b, c, e  Solution

HW#7:   4.26; 4.27a; 4.28a; 4.30  Solution

HW#8:   Example 5.5.1; 5.5.2; 5.5.3; 5.5.13

Problem 2.5

Homework problem

·        How to get access to ENG’s MATLAB

There are 2 ways you can use

1st way: From your computer

Step 1: Go UBIT software download center to download an X-Win32 client and install it on your computer

Step 2: Manually set up a new session, choose connection method as “ssh” and proceed, Configure the X-Win32 as: Session Name as “ENG Linux”, Host as “”, Port as “22”,  Command as “xterm -ls -sb -fn 9x15”

Step 3: log in X-Win32 using your ENG’s account name and password. In the pumped window, type in “use matlab” to use MATLAB

2nd way: From SENS node

The Same as Step 3

·        MATLAB Code:  

Exponential Function, Rectangular Function, Sinc Function, Shifting, Reflection Function


Updated on Feb. 24 2014

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