CE 502 SWI

Matlab & Maple for Chemical Engineers

Course Syllabus

Course Instructor, spring 2000:

M. T. Swihart, room 907 Furnas Hall
Phone: 645-2911, Ext. 2205, e-mail: swihart@eng.buffalo.edu
This course will count as 1 credit, as a graduate chemical engineering elective.  There will be no lectures or other regular class meetings.  The course materials are designed so that you can work through them on your own.  The instructor will answer questions, assist you with the problems as necessary, and grade your work.  If you submit an assignment that is not correct, you will simply do it again until it is correct.  The due dates given on the laboratory assignments are the dates by which you should have submitted a substantially complete (even if not totally correct) version of the assigment.  Grades will be based entirely on the number of assignments completed, as shown at the bottom of this page.

It is not necessary to buy any course texts. All course material is stored on the CE 502 home page here at UB, or on the CENG 303 home page at Rice University.  This course is an adaptation of the CENG 303 course given at Rice University.  There, it is taken by all of the second-year chemical engineering students, at the same time as their material and energy balances course. The address of the course home page at Rice is: http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~ceng303. The address of the course home page here at UB is http://www.eng.buffalo.edu/~Courses/ce502SWI.  Try to use the page here at UB whenever possible.  The largest parts of the notes are the two sets of notes for Matlab and Maple, and these have been copied to the server here. Other important information in those notes may be seen when you access the web page. It includes:

There are seven assignments that should be completed in this course. All of the ones for Spring 2000 are now posted on the CE502SWI home page. Each assignment lists a due date. These dates are provided to ensure that you do not leave all of the work (and therefore all of the grading for the instructor!) for the last week of the semester. If assignments are submitted after the due date and you do not have a valid reason, your assignment will be marked as late and your final grade will be reduced. If an assignment is not completed correctly, it must be redone. There are no examinations in the course.

Most of the problems assigned in the course will emphasize chemical engineering principles. Both Matlab and Maple will be used. We will start with Matlab, but mix some Maple into the fourth and later assignments. The following topics will be covered:

The grade earned in the course will depend on the number of assignments turned in on time and correctly completed. If no assignments have been marked as Late the grades will be:
Assignments Completed Correctly
Less than 4

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