MAE 476/576: Mechatronics

Spring 2003

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Other Info

Jan 13th  2003

Introduction: General (15.9MB)
  MAE576_Jan13_2003.pdf (3.66MB)


Jan 15th 2003

General introduction
Overview and physical layout

MAE576_Jan15_2003.pdf (1.92MB)


Jan 17th 2003

BASIC STAMP II: General introduction

 MAE576_Jan17_2003.pdf (1.25MB)

-          Parallax Website (HTML)

-          List of Basic Stamp II Documentation (HTML)

-          CircuitMaker Student Version Download (HTML)

-          CircuitMaker Documentation (HTML)

Jan 22nd, 2003

Introduction to Number Systems (Binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal), Codes (BCD, Gray Code, ASCII), conversion and arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

 MAE576_Jan22_2003_NumberSystems.pdf (277KB)

-          Breadboarding (PDF)

-          Wiring Techniques (PDF)

-          Number System Notes (PDF)

-          Stamp Works Manual (PDF)

-          Binary Number System Notes (PDF)

Jan 24th, 2003

Basic Stamp II: review of PBASIC syntax and use

MAE576_Jan24_2003_IntroBS2.pdf  (1.32MB)

-          Access to CircuitMaker (HTML)

Jan 27th, 2003

Interfacing switches, keypads, LEDs, Debouncing (Hardware & Software)

MAE576_Jan27_2003_Switches.pdf (610KB)

-          Switches Priority Encoder: 74LS147/74LS148 & 74F148 (PDF)

-          Switches Decoder:

1.       74LS138/74LS139

2.       74C922/74C923 (Application in Basic Stamp) (PDF)

Jan 29th, 2003

7-Segment Displays

MAE576_Jan29_2003_LED_7Seg_DM5812.pdf (1.21MB)

-          LN514RK (PDF)

-          DM7446A / DM7447A (PDF)

-          DM9368 (PDF)

-          TIL306 (PDF)

-          MAX7219 (PDF)

Jan 31st, 2003

Synchronous Serial Communication and MAX7219

MAE576_Jan31_2003_SHIFTIN_MAX7219.pdf (2.05MB)

-          MAX7219 (PDF)

Feb 3rd, 2003

Introduction to Digital Logic Design:- algebra, truth tables, switching circuits and Gates

MAE576_Feb03_2003_LogicDesign.pdf (457KB)

-          Boolean Algebra & Switching Theory Notes (PDF)

-          Combinational Logic [1] [2] (PDF)

Feb 5th 2003

Combinatorial logic design: Canonical Forms, Algebra and Minimization

 MAE576_Feb05_2003.pdf (414KB)


Feb 7th, 2003

Combinatorial logic design; Design procedure, Karnaugh maps 

 MAE576_Feb07_2003.pdf (245KB)

-          Lab 1 Assigned

Feb 26th, 2003

Design and Hardware implementation of combinational logic:

TTL Logic hardware implementation, terminology and design selection of chips,

MAE576_Feb26_2003.pdf  (825KB)


Feb 28th 2003

Alternate hardware implementations: Multiplexers, Programmable Array Logic, Sequential Logic Introduction

MAE576_Feb28_2003.pdf (211KB)

-          Readings_Feb28_2003.html

-          Mini Assignment 4 (PDF)

-          Note on Flip-Flop (PDF)

-          Lab 2 Assigned

Mar 3rd, 2003

Discussion of Lab 2; RC Circuits and Measurement of Resistance using RCTIME, Semiconductor Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors

 MAE576_Mar_SemiC_JunctionDiodes_Transistors_Amplifiers.pdf (1.07MB)


Mar 5th, 2003

Bipolar Junction Transistors and Intro to Operational Amplifiers

 MAE576_Mar05_2003.pdf (777KB)


Mar.7th 2003

Op-Amps (Analysis and Common Circuits);

 MAE576_Mar07_2003.pdf (2.90MB)

-          Op Amps Note I (PDF)

-          Op Amps Note II (PDF)

-          TI Understanding Op Amp Specifications (PDF)

-          AN-4 Monolithic Op Amp-The Universal Linear Component (PDF)

-          AN-31 Op Amp Circuit Collection (PDF)

Mar.10th 2003

Introduction to Data Acquisition and Analog/Digital Conversion 



Mar.12th 2003

Data Acquisition and Analog/Digital Conversion (Cont’d)



Mar. 14th 2003

Data Acquisition and Analog/Digital Conversion (Cont’d)



Mar. 17th 2003

Data Acquisition and Analog/Digital Conversion (Cont’d)

MAE576_Mar17_2003.pdf (2.80MB)


Mar.19th 2003

Data Acquisition and Analog/Digital Conversion (Cont’d)

 MAE576_Mar19_2003.pdf (879KB)

-          Analog-to-Digital Conversion Notes (PDF)

-           IOtech Notes:

1.       Introduction to DAQ (PDF)

2.       AD Conversion (PDF)

Mar. 21st 2003

RCTIME Issues, Speed Control of DC Motor Issues (Lab3)

 MAE576_March_21_2003.pdf (321KB)

-          Doeblin E.O., Measurement Systems – Application and Design, 4th Ed., McGraw Hill. (Search from UB Library BISON with keywords “Measurement Systems Application Design”

-          Lab 3 Assigned

Mar.24th 2003

Basic Transduction principles, Temperature Sensors, Distance sensors (Triangulation, Time of Flight) Position Sensors [ Inductive (Hall Effect), resistance (pots), limit switches, optical (photoreflective, photointerrupter) ]

 MAE576_March_24_2003.pdf (1.03MB)

-          Omega Transactions in Measurements and Controls

1.       Vol. 1: Infrared

2.       Vol. 2: Data Acquisition

3.       Vol. 3: Pressure

4.       Vol. 4: Flow & Level

-          Omega Handbooks

-          Honeywell’s Hall Effect Sensor & Applications Hand Book

-          Where am I? Sensors and Methods for Mobile Robots Positioning

-          Interface Sharp GP2D02 to BS2

Mar. 26th 2003

More Position Sensors  (LVDT/Synchros/ Pots/ Encoders) Encoders: Principles, Build your own, quadrature Signal Conditioning 

MAE576_March_26_2003.pdf (1.65MB) 

-          Basic Encoder Operation (PDF) (60.6KB)

-          Optical Encoders

-          IOtech Notes:

1.       Noise Reduction & Isolation (PDF) (79.4KB)

2.       General Amplification (PDF) (71.5KB)

Apr. 2nd 2003

DC Motors, H-Bridge Drivers/ power electronics, DC motor interfacing

MAE576_April_02_2003.pdf (740KB)

-          Motion Control Handbook (MicroMo) (PDF) (527KB)

-          DC Permanent Magnet Motor (Lecture Notes from CMU) (HTML)

-          Motor Drive Electronics (Lecture Notes from CMU) (HTML)

-          Driving High-Current Loads from Logic (Acroname) (HTML)

Apr. 7th 2003

DC Motors, H-Bridge Drivers/ Power electronics, DC motor interfacing, Stepper Motors & RC Servos

MAE576_April_07_2003.pdf (484KB)

-          Various Information on Servos (HTML)

-          Ericsson Stepper Motor Basics (PDF) (189KB)

-          Control of Stepper Motor (University of Iowa) (HTML) 

Apr. 9th  2003

Overview of the PIC

 MAE576_April_09_2003.pdf (1.86MB)

-          Microchip PIC Complete Manual (Mid-Range MCU Family) (PDF, 2.65MB)

-          Application Notes Website (HTML)

-          MPLAB related resources (HTML)

-          Final Project assigned.

Apr. 14th 2003

RF Communications, Synchronization Issues

MAE576_April_14_2003.pdf (3.55MB)

-          318 Series Encoder HT-640 (PDF) (156 KB)

-          318 Series Decoder HT-648L (PDF) (838 KB)

-          Firestick (PDF) (40KB)

-          DIRRS Data Sheet (PDF) (243KB)

-          DIRRS+ Data Sheet (PDF) (322KB)

Apr. 16th 2003

Overview of the PIC

 MAE576_April_16_2003.pdf (181KB)


Apr. 21st 2003

Overview of the PIC

MAE576_April_21_2003.pdf (908KB)


Apr 23rd 2003

Course Review

MAE576_April_23_2003.ppt (3.00MB)


Apr 28th, 2003




Final Project Demonstration & Presentation

Date: Apr 30th, 2003

Time: 11:30 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Furnas 811

Final Examination

(3 hours, open-book)

Date: May 7th, 2003 (Wednesday)

Time: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

Venue: Capen 262