MAE 476/576: Mechatronics

Spring 2003

[ University at Buffalo] - [ College of Engineering ] - [ MAE Department ] - [Automation Robotics & Mechatronics Lab]





May 2nd

-          Final Exam is scheduled on May 7th, 2003 (Wednesday) 8 am – 11 am at Capen 262.

-          The exam will be comprehensive, open book and open notes (only in paper form, not electronically form).

-          The final project reports (both hard and soft copies) are due on May 8th, 2003 before 5 pm in Chin-Pei’s or Dr. Krovi’s office.

-          The picture and movie files of the final project presentation have been uploaded in Project Page.

April 28th

-          The presentation and demonstration of the final project will be held in Furnas 811 from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm on April 30.

-          Prepare for a SHORT and BRIEF Power Point presentation (about 4-6 slides) describing what is your project about and the motivation. (You do not have to dress formally)

-          The entire presentation and demonstration process should not take more than 20 minutes.

April 10th

-          Final Project has been assigned. It is tentatively due on April 30. The updates will be made in this page when the final decision is made.

March 21st

-          Lab 3 is assigned. It is due on Apr 10th and the demonstration will be in Furnas 811 at 12:30 pm.

February 28th

-          Lab 2 is assigned. It is due on Mar 20th and the demonstration will be in Furnas 811 at 12:30 pm.

-          Mini Assignment 4 is assigned and due on Mar 5th (Wed).

February 13th

-          There is no lab on Feb 13 and 20. If you need any help, please send e-mail to Chin-Pei. If there is a need to hold the lab session next week, this page will be updated. Check this page regularly.

February 7th

-          Lab 1 assigned. It is due on Feb 27th and the demonstration will be in Furnas 811 at 12:30pm.

January 29th

-          The first lab meeting will be held in Furnas 811 at 12:30 pm tomorrow (1/30). If you can’t make this meeting, please send Chin Pei (chintang(at) e-mail. In the meeting, please print a copy of Basic Stamp II Manual, so that you can follow along as the demos go.

January 27th

-          The team formation is ready. Please click here to know which team are you in.

-          If you don’t have personal computer and need access to CircuitMaker access, please follow this link.

January 22nd

-          The place for lecture will be moved to Baldy 200G next Monday (Jan 27th).

-          There is class on this Friday (Jan 24th) in Bell 340C, but no lab session in this week.

January 17th

-          Please send the Team Formation Form (TeamForm.html) as soon as possible to vkrovi(at), chintang(at)

-          The lab sessions will start after the add/drop period.

-          Mini Assignment 2 is assigned and due in 1 week.

January 15th

-          The lecture is currently taken in Bell 340C (Enginet Seminar Room) instead of Bell 337 as scheduled.

-          Proposed Schedule – Lecture (Mon & Wed, Bell 340C), Lab (Fri, Furnas 811)

-          Please fill out the Team Formation Form (see TeamForm.html for more details), along with the Mini Assignment 1, send to vkrovi(at), chintang(at)