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  Course Details:
               Class Day/Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4-4:50 pm
               Class Room (Lectures): 97 Alumni Arena
               Class Room (Laboratory): 1018 Furnas Hall (SGI), 139 Hochstetter (SUN)

               Dr. Kevin Hulme
               Office: 5 Norton Hall
               Office Hrs: Tuesday and Thursday, 9-10am

               Dr. Kevin Chugh
               Office: 5 Norton Hall
               Office Hrs: Monday, 10-11; Thursday, 2-3pm

  Teaching Assistants:

              1. Nidal A Al-Masoud
               Office: 311 Jarvis Hall, Tel No:645 2593x 2252
               Office Hrs: Tuesday, Thursday: 11-1 ( at 311 Jarvis Hall)
               Lab hours: none

              2. Kok-Lam Lai
               Office: 1017 Furnas Hall
               Office Hrs: Tuesday, Thursday: 1-3
               Lab hours: 8-11 Monday (139 Hochstetter), 3-4 Friday (1018 Furnas)

              3. Pradeep John Pinto
               Office Hrs: none
               Lab hours: 8-10 Tuesday (1018 Furnas), 12-3 Thursday (139 Hochstetter)

              4. Parijat Bhide
               Office: 1014 Furnas Hall
               Office Hrs: : Monday, Wednesday: 10-12
               Lab hours: none

Course text: None - Suggested references will be given in class


A course emphasizing the basics of computer-aided design (CAD) for mechanical engineers. Interactive computing in the design process. The role of graphics in CAD. Two-dimensional graphics; compute r graphic operations, including curve generation and splines. Three-dimensional graphics, including data structures, rotation, translation, reflection, isometric and perspective projection, hidden line removal, lighting/shading, surface generation, solid modeling concepts, stereo, animation, textures, and object-oriented programming. Computer programming projects in C, C++, X, and OpenGL will be emphasized.

Web Links:
  • (X drawing functions reference)

  • Grading:

    Exams: 20%
    Homeworks: 15%
    Projects: 60%
    Intangibles: 5%
    General comments:
    • Being punctual is part of being professional. Please be on-time for lecture.
    • Being prepared is part of being professional. Please spend 5-10 minutes prior to each lecture reviewing your notes from the previous lecture.
    • Homework deadlines are very important in this class. Please hand in your homework assignments on time.
    • There is no final exam for this class. However, project presentations will be held during our scheduled final exam period. All students of this class are required to attend the project presentations.
    • Academic Dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) of any kind is immediate grounds for receiving an F in this course.
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