Spring Semester 2001

New Course Announcement

MAE 513  Advanced Diagnostics for Thermo-Fluids


(3 credit hours, Registration No.: 173917)

This course introduces graduate students in the fields of Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, and Chemical Engineering to the basics of advanced optical flow diagnostics concepts, principles, and techniques. A range of available techniques will be reviewed, with the primary focus on the state-of-the-art Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). 


The course emphasizes hands-on experience and basic and practical knowledge. The scope will be tailored according to the needs of the students. Topics may include optics, lasers, image acquisition and processing, light scattering, holographic measurements, laser Doppler Velocimetry, fluorescence techniques, flow visualization and hot-wire anemometry. Measurement quantities may include fluid flow velocity fields, temperature, pressure, species concentration, as well as disperse-phase information in two-phase flows.


The course will be delivered through lectures, topic research and reviews, and hands-on experiments (PIV measurement of a typical flow).

Tentative class schedule


Lecture 1: Introduction

PIV Seeding


Micro PIV

Holographic PIV