MAE 410/510 Fuel Cell Technology

 Spring 2004



Homework, Exams, & Grading Policies:

There will be one homework every week, assigned on Monday and to be handed completed homework on the following Monday. We will use a team approach for homework. Three students together will submit one homework solution. For solution of each problem in a given homework, the student who prepared the solution should sign and clearly write the name with that problem. This team is supposed to discuss the subject matter and discuss the solution before preparing the solution so that they will learn more on the theory and the course content. There will be one midterm and one final exam. There will be no makeup exams. Homework: 25%; Midterm: 25%; Final 35%; Project 15%.

Project: A group of 5 students will be required to prepare a project on any aspect of Fuel Cell components, systems or technology with a report of 10 pages (single-spaced) maximum including figures and tables of reasonable size (like in a texbook and not too large).


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16 Jan

 Homework 1



 25 Jan

Homework 2



 1 Feb

Homework 3



 8 Feb

Homework 4



 18 Feb

Homework 5



29 Feb

Homework 6



 20 March

Homework 7



 3 April

Homework 8









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