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UB CIT MATLAB Document (PDF): Windows JumpStart; Unix JumpStart

X-terminal software from UB CIT: X-Win32 for Windows; Document for X-Win32


22 Apr. -- Lab # 8 Report Due This Week.

15 Mar. -- GP-6 Analog Computer Operator's Manual. (.PDF file) [NEW]

27 Jan. -- Please follow the "Guidelines" for the format of each lab report.

            -- 810/811 Furnas Hall - Systems Analysis Laboratory Schedule (.PDF file)

16 Jan. -- Labs & TA office hours start on 27 Jan.

14 Jan  -- Need help on MATLAB?  Click "Some Links" on the left.

            -- A good starting site.  Click "System Dynamics" here!

            -- Another site for the System Dynamics.

            -- MATH Methods for Engineers.

            -- Matrix Reference Manual.

            -- Need help on Math? Click "S.O.S.MATHematics" here!