EE 617: Sequences and Codes in DSP Applications

Instructor: Dr. Adly T. Fam
Office: 132 Bell Hall
Office Hours: By appointment

 Class Hours : Wednesday, 2:00 pm - 4:40 pm at Capen 10


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Downloadable Documents:

Course organization and brief outline (pdf)

Class presentation on 01/18/2006 (ppt)


1. A new algorithm to optimize Barker code sidelobe suppression filters, Hua and Oksman. (pdf)

2. Errata and response to the previous paper. (pdf)

3. Optimal sidelobe suppression for bi-phase codes, Baden and Cohen (pdf)


1. US patent # 5786788 (pdf)

2. US patent # 5070337 (pdf)

3. Provisional patent by Fam and Sarkar (pdf)


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