EE558 Quantum Devices

 Registration #: Spring 2004
 Instructor: Prof. Vladimir Mitin
 Location: O'Brian Hall
 Days,Time: Mon and Wed, 12pm-1:20pm
 Office Hours: Mon and Wed, 11am-12pm
 Office: 332d Bonner Hall, North Campus

Course Description
The course emphasizes new developments in microelectronics and nanoelectronics. In many respects heterostructure devices are superior to the conventional Si devices. The material is presented on the level of the first graduate course in Solid State Electronics. After a short introduction to quantum mechanics, Chapters 3-9 of the text "Quantum Heterostructures" by V. Mitin, V. Kochelap and M. Stroscio is covered on the level appropriate to the introductory course.