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Douglas C. Hopkins, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor


The UB Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) website will open you to a new world that Professors, particularly un-tenured, must be active in. Enjoy the general reading. All topics are very applicable if you are starting your own consulting company and need to know how the Federal system is structured and how to structure your business. On the site are several resources for proposal writing.

The site offers the SPA Guide to Sponsored Programs (in the upper right corner). There is much interesting reading, but focus on the first part of Chapter 3 and chapters 4 through 6.

On the SPA home page you will find several resources in the "PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT" Section. At the bottom of the section you will find "Proposal Writing Resources". This link will show several other links. Explore the bottom link "A Proposal Writing Short Course." (SPA's site link is not working.)

The Short Course link gives a two part short course on how to write a grant proposal to a philanthropic organization. Such an organization often mimics a small work group that has self-controlled funding. You may find this style more understandable as your first attempt. The Short Course was developed by "The Foundation Center".

The rigorous scientific proposal approach is best exemplified by the National Science Foundation's "NSF Proposal Tool Kit."

If you are interested in business proposals, try Business & Financial Planning Freeware."