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Thank you for helping our seniors receive valuable experience.

The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University at Buffalo offers a Group Project Design Course (EE 494) for Senior engineering students.  The objective is to provide seniors with experience in group design through application of knowledge gained in previous classes.

  • First week- Students review Proposed Projects, select a project and contact the author ("Technical Advisor").
  • Second week- The Technical Advisor and students develop a Mini-proposal and submit the proposal to the course instructor for initial project approval. The project begins
  • Third week- Students, then, prepare a detailed Project Proposal. In the proposal, students establish a Statement of Work, Schedule and Budget. See Proposal Writing for details.
  • Subsequent weeks- Students report their progress at a weekly seminar, followed by discussion of various approaches to the problem solution. Progress is continually posted to the online work area.
  • End of Semester- Students give an in-class presentation of their results and submit a formal engineering report. The report includes a revised (realistic) Statement of Work and Time-line.
  • Work Virtually- A secure on-line work area is established for each project where students post their weekly on-line progress, update their task time-line, and archive information. Site access is limited to students, Technical Advisor(s) and the Instructor. Some confidential information can be accommodated, but final reporting must be public domain for the students to receive a grade. SeeProject Grading for details.


  • Projects should be ONE semester long, although Independent Study Credit can extend the projects to two semesters.
  • Projects must be design oriented, and pose a "problem to be solved." Problems must be posed without direct insinuation of a solution. (Students must overwhelming demonstrate a creative solution to the problem, albeit - new to them.)
  • Team size is three, unless specially structured.
  • Project Sponsor will cover student out-of-pocket project expenses (e.g. materials, special testing, travel and licensing fees).
  • Technical Advisor is responsible for technical oversight and schedule
  • Technical Advisor must have sufficient technical capability to have completed the project themselves
  • Please support the $500 optional course assessment fee to defray hidden costs and help other students.

  • For more information contact:
    Dr. Douglas C. Hopkins
    Research Professor
    Electrical Engineering Dept.
    332 Bonner Hall
    716-645-3115, ext 1142

    Company name:  
    Project Title:  
    Technical Point of Contact:

    First name           Last name

    () - ext.: 
    Will provide $500 course assessment fee (optional).

    Company Profile: (if applicable)                          
    Technical Background of Proposed Project Title:                         
    Primary Goal:                       
    Expiration Date:          
     Note: All project submitted will be available on the website within 48 hours. Thank you.

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