07 December, 2001

The Exam3 Question papers are posted here Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

 07 December, 2001

The Exam3 Answer Key is posted. Click Here to view

 05 December, 2001

The Exam3 Seat Map is posted. Click Here to view

15, November, 2001

 Schedule for the week of 19th November can be found here

12, November, 2001

MOSFET Summary Page can be found here

4,November, 2001

FORMULA LIST AND CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS for different amplifiers.

4, November, 2001


11 October, 2001

Recitation Scores are posted and please bring all your questions to the respective session TA’s.

4 October, 2001

Exam Scores are posted. Check Grades. THE answer key for exam 1.Click here

 27 September, 2001

 Exam Seating Rules is posted here. Please read this and we request you to follow this. DOC file

 24 September, 2001

The Exam1 Seat Map is posted. Click Here to view

 23 September, 2001

  Exam 1 will be held on 25th September. Syllabus for the exam ---Chapter 1,2,and Chapter 3 up to section 3.3.

 4 September, 2001

Work Session problems and Suggested Problems are posted for next week. 

 4 September, 2001

Original Recitations for which you have signed during course registration is cancelled.

(M 12.00-12.50, T 17.00-17.50, W 12.00-12.50, R 17.00- 17.50  are all cancelled)

 3 September, 2001

TA office hours and work session hours are posted

29th October

The seat map for the test has been posted here