Principles of
Engineering Management I & II

Graduate Courses EAS 521 & EAS 522
Dr. Carl Chang, MBA, Adjunct Professor

EAS 521 "Principles of Engineering Management I"
Offered in the Fall Semester


EAS 522 "Principles of Engineering Management II"
Offered in the Spring Semester

Course Objective

The primary objective of these two courses are to prepare engineers for assuming greater managerial and leadership responsibilities in industry and for better meeting the multifaceted engineering management challenges in the new millennium.



These courses are taught based on the textbook by C. M. Chang. Entitled, “Engineering Management: Challenges in the New Millennium,” Prentice Hall, New Jersey (2004). the textbook is supplemented by selected engineering management cases from Harvard Business School and many other popular sources. Additional details regarding these two courses are available.

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These academic courses are presented by School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of University at Buffalo as required courses for students pursuing the graduate degree of “Master of Engineering” in the Industrial Engineering Department. These courses may be taken as electives by any engineering graduate student as electives. These courses are also regularly offered via EngiNet to distance learning students. For details related to registration for distance learning courses, please contact University at Buffalo EngiNet Office (Phone:716 - 645-2768 ext.1106)

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