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Links to sites that will help you with Matlab and Maple and other Numerical Analysis tools:

You will need to become familiar with some tool for computer aided numerical analysis in order to complete the homework assignments.  My examples and homework solutions will most often use Matlab, but most of this can be done using other tools.  If you will need to spend substantial time learning a new software package or programming language, it will be in your best interest to do so early in the semester before things get even busier.

Rice University, CENG 303 course page - this is a course for chemical engineers on the use of Matlab and Maple.  It includes a tutorial style Matlab manual and Maple manual written by Sam Davis, Jr. (not the entertainer, but a chemical engineering prof. at Rice).

Indiana University also has an extensive page on Matlab with on-line tutorials and links to tutorials at many other Universities.

And, of course, there is the homepage of The MathWorks, Inc., the company that makes Matlab.

Likewise, the company that makes Maple, Waterloo Maple, has a web page.

Indiana University has a Maple page, much like their Matlab page, with lots of links to tutorials.

To find mathematical software in Fortran or C, see the Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS) at NIST, and netlib, a clearinghouse/repository for publicly available math software.

Another alternative is to use Octave a free matlab-like package.