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Dr. Lund is restructuring the presentation of the course in two ways. First, as much as possible of the course will be presented electronically via this web site. This is a new approach for Dr. Lund, and he welcomes as much feedback as you are willing to provide. Any suggestion that is offered will be considered seriously.

The second way the course is being restructured is an attempt to make it more like a real job situation instead of an academic laboratory course. To be blunt, we will play "let's pretend" in this course. What we'll be pretending is that the students are practicing engineers, that the experiments are real industrial projects, that the instructor is the company manager to whom the practicing engineers (students) report, and that the results of the project will be described in a brief presentation to management and a more detailed written company report.

Use the links at the left to find out about the course (how it will be graded, how it will be run, etc.).

Here are links to two PowerPoint presentations on error analysis:
    Error Analysis Lecture #1
    Error Analysis Lecture #2

last update: 02/08/00

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