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Our company needs to design a distillation column that will be a part of a new process that is under development. This distillation column will make use of bubble cap trays to effect vapor-liquid contact. The company has little experience in the design of distillation columns and even less experimental data. Hence the design is going to rely on empirical correlations available in the literature. These correlations will be used to find the pressure drop experienced by the vapor as it flows through a plate and the hydraulic gradient driving the liquid flow across a plate. These are critical factors affecting the cost and efficiency of the column. Consequently the company would like to check the reliability of the correlations that will be used in the column design.

Your group has been assigned this task. You will use a mock-up of a single bubble cap tray to collect relevant data. There are also data available from a group that had previously studied this same problem. (Actually these data will be collected by other groups during this session. They will be doing the same experiments as your group, but at different conditions.) Making use of all the data, your group’s assignment is to report upon the suitability of these correlations.

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