Important Surveys

Survey # Date Description Results
#01 09/05
Which way should the dinosaur wear his tie?
Dinosaur Tie
Style 1 1 vote
Style 2 40 votes
#02 09/14
Potato Chips: Plain or Wavy? Wavy 15 votes
Plain 7 votes
Don't Care 7 votes
#03 09/28
If a dog wore pants, which way would he wear them??
Dog Pants
Style 1 2 votes
Style 2 31 votes
#04 10/03
Pizza Two Part Survey:

a) Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping or is it an unnatural horror?
b) Do you prefer triangular wedges or square slices ?
6 pineapple is a fine pizza topping
10 pineapple on pizza is a strike against all that is good in this world

14 Triangles
6 Squares