CE441/CE541: Six Sigma for Chemical Engineers

Spring 2022 - Lecture

Registration number: 23510/23511

Prerequisites: Approved Chemical Engineering Majors Only
For CE 441 students, CE 327 is a prerequisite

Credits: 3

Instructor: Dr. David Courtemanche, 203A Furnas Hall, 645-3316, djcourte@buffalo.edu
Zoom Link: https://buffalo.zoom.us/j/4543279676?pwd=M0JHOUc4cW9kVWRKSS91ckduZ3VSdz09

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00--9:50 am in Furnas 1019.

Office hours: Mondays at 12:30--1:30 pm and Wednesdays at 10:00--11:00 am in 203A Furnas,
or by arrangement- Contact me via email to arrange meeting outside of office hours(send email to arrange a meeting time),

OPEN DOOR POLICY - djc will be happy to answer questions at ANY time; students should feel free to contact me via email or knock on door at ANY time Monday through Friday

Course description: Introduction to Six Sigma statistical methodology for identifying critical process variables that affect process operability. Emphasis will be on how to define
and quantify the process goal and methods to determine the proper variables to affect continuous positive improvement on a chemical process.

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